Allegro Ltd. is a medical instrument, hospital material and equipment retailer in Hungary, the sole agent of many international big brands' products. Over the past decade Allegro was part of some major hospital reconstructions, as the medical technology prime- or sub contractor. For this powerful company we’ve created 3 different websites, where it was very important to have similarities in their design, while also making sure, that they are one of a kind.

Online marketing

Allegro Ltd.. has a facebook site which mainly focuses on medical and baby-care topics. As part of our collaboration, our company manages this facebook account and tries to recruit more followers. Furthermore, we manage the Adwords campaigns for all 3 of Allegro’s websites.

Graphic design

Most of the creative graphic design needed for the online presence of the Allegro Ltd. was made by our team, but we were also asked to design banners and company roll-ups too.
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